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You can try a sample edition of Costello–Quest-based Learning free of charge. Please fill in the form below to access the download page, where you can download the sample chapter and software.

The sample chapter is an Adobe PDF file of the sample book which contains the following:

1. What is Costello–Quest-based Learning?

2. Getting Started - Costello Tutorial
This section is the same as the full student edition and explains how to install and use the game software and start the tutorial, which teaches the basics of the game.

3. Quest 6 - All in a Day's Work
Chapter 6 from the student edition.

4. Using the Costello CD
These pages are also the same as in the student edition and give a detailed explanation of the game software and settings.

The download also includes the Costello software and support files for chapter 6:

5. Costello Application
The sample software contains the game software for Quest 6 and the tutorial software.

6. Quest 6 Walkthrough
The walkthrough shows you all the steps involved in completing the quest. It is all the text that appears on the screen from the beginning of the quest to the end. There are also comments given to explain the different steps of the quest.

7. Chapter 6 Teacher's Guide
The teacher's guide is the same as the student's book but with the answers filled in and comments explaining the activities where necessary.

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